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Welcome to the 10th World Congress of Constitutional Law

2018 SEOUL 18-22 June 2018

"Violent Conflicts, Peace-Building and Constitutional Law."

Organizer’s Workshops on

“Futuristic Constitutionalism and Sustainability”

proposal for Organizers' Workshops

The Korean Organizing Committee for the 10th World Congress of Constitutional Law will open Organizer’s Workshops on the theme of “Futuristic constitutionalism and sustainability.”

These workshops are designed to enable constitutional scholars to delve into four important themes the entire globe faces now.


Those who wish to take part in these workshops should submit a proposal to submission@wccl2018-seoul.org.


The guidelines for the proposal can be found here  >>


The deadline for the submission of proposals for these workshops is 30 March 2018.


   A. Sustainability and Political Autonomy in the Digital Age


As a result of new technological developments such as AI robots, self-driving cars and drones, artificial intelligence is increasingly able to replace human labor, and modern governments have ever more formidable surveillance tools at their disposal.  These developments raise many constitutional issues, such as the right to privacy, the right to have rights, and the preservation of human dignity. This workshop seeks to address these and related issues.


   B. Global Right to a Sustainable Life and a Basic Income


In some countries, basic income has been treated as an issue of basic human rights. However, given the impact of wealth inequality on political and social inequality, it is clear that discussions of a right to live within the context of constitutional law is also needed.  This workshop seeks to address this and related issues in hopes of generating powerful insights.


   C. Deliberative Democracy as a Solution for Constitutions and Representative Democracies in Crisis


    Chairs  _       Franciska Coleman (U.S.) (frcoleman@law.harvard.edu)

                          Guy Scoffoni (France) (scoffoni@law.ucla.edu)



     Address _     James S. Fishkin (U.S.) (jfishkin@stanford.edu)


     Speakers_    Zandanshatar Gombojav (Mongolia) (zamp8888@gmail.com)

                           Sungmoon Kim (Hong Kong / Korea) (sungmkim@cityu.edu.hk)


In the contemporary world, it has been suggested that representative democracy is flawed and unable to produce satisfactory results. This has led to a growing interest in new ways of representing the will of the people and in workable alternatives to representative democracy. Deliberative democracy is a promising option for constitutional lawyers to examine in this regard. This workshop seeks to address this and related issues.




   D. The Future of Federalism & Decentralization in the Era of Glocalization


With the advent of glocalization, voices requesting the right of regional autonomy are becoming stronger and stronger,  and this has significant implications for the future of devolution or federalism. One of the key constitutional issues in this transitional era will be how to draw the line between the central and the local when allocating political power and social resources, particularly given a goal of enhancing the self-determination of the people.

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