the 10th World Congress of Constitutional Law (IACL-AIDC)

2018 SEOUL 18-22 June 2018




"Violent Conflicts, Peace-Building

and Constitutional Law."

Paper Submission*

Procedure for submitting a paper to the workshop



* We are currently in the process of receiving and reviewing proposals; however, the process is delayed due to large  number of proposals.



Step 1: Send a proposal


If you have a specific workshop you are interested in and are willing to submit a paper, you must submit your expression of interest (proposal)  to the Organizing Committee.


When you write the proposal, please include a title, an abstract of the paper (a maximum of 750 words which explains the main argument you seek to make) and the exact number of the workshop you wish to attend along with the name,  institutional affiliation and contact details of the writer.


The basic form of the proposal is here --->



Please submit your proposal to

You can also contact the chairs directly to submit your proposal.

* For Organizers' Workshops, you shouldn't submit the proposal to the chairs.


The Chairs of the workshop will review the proposal and contact you individually to confirm your participation.




The final date for submission of proposals to the Workshops will be 30 April 2018.

Decisions will be communicated to participants within two weeks of this deadline.


It is recognized that some participants need earlier notifications in order to secure their funding. In light of that, there will be an earlier round of notifications and acceptances. Proposals received by 30 November  will be reviewed,  with a view to early acceptances being communicated by 15 January. If you have not heard from the workshop chairs by 15 January (or within two weeks of 30th March in the later round of acceptances) then please contact them directly to be informed of the decision concerning your paper.


* There is no need to register for the WCCL until you have received notification of the acceptance of your paper.



Step 2: Send your paper


Once accepted, please send a final copy of the paper to When we receive the final paper, all submission procedures will be completed.


Papers must be received by 2 June 2018 in order to be made available on the website before the Congress.





the proposal guide

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