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Welcome to the 10th World Congress of Constitutional Law

2018 SEOUL 18-22 June 2018

"Violent Conflicts, Peace-Building and Constitutional Law."


Registration Fee



• Date and Venue : June 18-22, 2018, Seoul


• Fee includes lunch, social events(including invited dinner), and certificates.


• For professionals who want to register, please click here to check which category(‘Professional A’ or ‘Professional B’) your country of residence belong to. The categorization is based on the World Bank’s classification.


• If you are a student who wishes to participate in Social Events, please note that a certain amount of additional fees may be incurred depending on the type of the event.


• The accompanying persons fee does include the social events and lunch during the conference.




✻ Refunds: 50% until Mar 30, no refunds after Mar 30

✻ ₩ : Won(The currency of South Korea).



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email   : organizing_committee@wccl2018-seoul.org

phone  : +82 2 760 0346

address : Joong-gu Toekye-ro 18 / Daewoo Foundation

              Building 1601 / Seoul 04637 Republic of Korea