Welcome to

the 10th World Congress

of Constitutional Law 2018 SEOUL


18-22 June 2018



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It is with the greatest of pleasures that the South-Korean Organizing Committee of the 10th World Congress of the IACL, in collaboration with the Executive Committee of the IACL, jointly extend to you the warmest of welcomes to its website.


All members of the Organizing Committee look forward to welcoming hundreds of participants from across the globe and from an array of disciplines and backgrounds.


It is our hope that this event provides a platform upon which an international exchange of ideas may be facilitated, as we collectively strive toward building stronger bridges between nations and cultivating a more peaceful world through Constitutional Law.


I wish your happiness and hope to see you in Seoul in June 2018.




- Jaewhang Jeong, Chairperson of the Korean Organizing Committee for WCCL 2018






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